ABRSM Singing Exams

Helping you prepare for the ABRSM (and other) Singing Exams

The ABRSM classical singing exams are probably the most comprehensive exams currently available - we can help you not only pass but more importantly learn how to enjoy singing!

In order to pass the ABRSM singing exam, students are required to sing a song in a variety of styles from various periods and they are also required to sing unaccompanied and pass supporting tests.

Although there are other examination boards that offer alternative classical singing exams, ABRSM is better recognised by official bodies so it's worth considering over others if appropriate.

We help students prepare for the various grades and offer both practical training as well as theory.

Based in Wimbledon, we can cover most of South-West and Central London. We now also do online exam preparation via Skype or Zoom so you can learn from the comfort of your own home, studio or anywhere else and we have students not only from the UK but as far as Russia, the US and China!

ABRSM Exam Preparation & Tuition

One-to-One ABRSM Exam Tuition
Online ABRSM Exam Lessons


  • Improving vocal technique
  • Controlling & improving your pitch or tone
  • Increasing your vocal strength or reducing 'breathiness'
  • Vocal projection
  • Singing in an effortless and relaxed way
  • Improving your breathing technique and optimal posture
  • Removing vocal cracks or tension, especially on higher notes
  • Increasing your range
  • Preparing you for an audition or recording session
  • Learning microphone technique
  • Vocal exercises
  • Relaxation techniques

Anush Hydros
on Michael McIntyre's Big Show

Sebastian is an awesome vocal and singing coach. I've had 4 others and I've progressed so much better with Sebastian supporting me!
BruceSinging, Vocals and Guitarist

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