Casting & Audition Preparation

Make your Audition Count

Learn what to expect from a casting audition and how to prepare for your next audition as an aspiring singer...

However long you have been singing for or how many years of singing lessons you have under your belt, the audition room is still a daunting place.

Sebastian came on board as a vocal coach for my vocal group ‘Retuned’. We have toured the country supporting The National Symphony Orchestra and sing a massively varied repertoire. He has been such an asset to us in helping us to create a beautiful blend and adapt to all the different vocal requirements.
Kathleen McNamaraActor, Singer & Stage Artist

Whether it's for TV, musical theatre or another show, it's important you prepare your voice before performing, choose the best audition songs, and learn how to keep nerves under control on the day.

We'll ensure the singer is trained in every aspect, including:

  • Advice on which songs and arias are the best for the specific audition, depending on the voice and acting qualities of the singer, their vocal range and other factors
  • Learn the importance of singing the musical phrases while being attentive to the text that is being said/sung, with the character and feelings required by the composer
  • The correct vocal technique, projection of the voice and the legato, bel canto; at all times
  • The singer will learn techniques to warm up their voice alone. It is important to warm up the voice before any audition
  • Learn relaxation techniques and how to be confident to minimise errors and stress levels
  • and much much more...

Based in Wimbledon, we can cover most of South-West and Central London. We now also do online vocal coaching and singing lessons via Skype or Zoom and have students not only from the UK but as far as Russia, the US and China!

Casting & Audition Training

Private One-to-One Training
Online Audition Coaching


  • Improving vocal technique
  • Controlling & improving your pitch or tone
  • Increasing your vocal strength or reducing 'breathiness'
  • Vocal projection
  • Singing in an effortless and relaxed way
  • Improving your breathing technique and optimal posture
  • Removing vocal cracks or tension, especially on higher notes
  • Increasing your range
  • Preparing you for an audition or recording session
  • Learning microphone technique
  • Vocal exercises
  • Relaxation techniques

Anush Hydros
on Michael McIntyre's Big Show

Sebastian is an awesome vocal and singing coach. I've had 4 others and I've progressed so much better with Sebastian supporting me!
BruceSinging, Vocals and Guitarist

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